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Evaluation of an Undergraduate Mentoring Program in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Reed College, 2000-2001
Appendix B
Mentor Responses to Multiple Choice Questions (Frequencies) [8]

1) During what periods of time were you involved, in any way, in the mentoring program at Reed? (Check all that apply)

_0_ a) Summer, 2000 [9]

_1_ b) Fall, 2000

_2_ c) Spring, 2001

3) Were your goals or expectations for the Mentoring Program realized or not?

_0_ 1: Fully

_3_ 2: Fairly well

_0_ 3: Limited extent

_0_ 4: Little or not at all

6) During the school year, were you working primarily in connection with:

_0_ a)Introductory level courses

_3_ b)Upper level courses

_0_ c) Both

_0_ d) Neither (please explain):

7) How many hours per week on average did you work for the mentor program during the school year?

Range 3 - 4

8) Approximately how many students did you mentor this past year?

Mentor #1 = 10, Mentor #2 = 6, Mentor #3 = 20

9) On the table below, please estimate the percentage of your time that was spent in teaching in each of the listed situations.

10) Then, on the same table, please rank order the jobs in which you felt you were most and least effective, with 1 being the most effective (i.e., aided students the most)

Mentoring jobs while assisting in labs Percentage of time (%) (averages) Rank-Order (effectiveness)
a) instrumentation (teaching students how to use lab equipment) 8 2,3
b) instructional aspects of lab equipment (i.e., its functions and purposes) 5 4
c) working closely with a faculty member in connection with labs. 12 1,6
d) one-on-one tutoring 10 2
e) group tutoring 12 1
f) one-on-one or group consultation with students regarding design and implementation of student’s own research projects 28 2
g) technology or resource support (e.g., fixing/maintaining computer programs or lab equipment) 3 1
h) helping students prepare lab reports 12 2, 5
i) helping to grade exams, lab reports etc. 0 0
j) other (please explain): Photocopying and gathering materials for lecture portion. 10 1


11) Did you spend any time on mentoring tasks not connected with the labs?

_1_ Yes: what tasks?

_2_ No

12) Did your involvement in the mentoring program affect your performance as a student? If it did, please explain:

_1_ Yes

_2_ No

13) Has your experience as a mentor altered your plans for after graduation?


Yes: In what way(s)?

_3_ No

14) Would you recommend working as a mentor to other interested students?

_2_ a)Yes


b) Uncertain

_0_ c) No

15) Overall, how would you rate your experience in the mentoring program?

_1_ a)Very good

_1_ b)Good

_1_ c)Sometimes good, sometimes not

_0_ d)Disappointing

_0_ e)Very disappointing

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey; your responses will help to strengthen future mentoring programs.

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