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Reed Early Voting Information Center Strengthens Ties with Pew

Reed was awarded a $39,900 grant from the Elections Initiative at the Pew Center on the States.

Portland, OR (June 24, 2009)--The Early Voting Information Center at Reed College will direct the quality control and validation process for the Elections Initiative at the Pew Center on the States. Reed EVIC staff members will work with a team of academic specialists and subject-matter experts throughout the United States to provide guidance and peer review to Pew. Reed was awarded a $39,900 grant to help make these processes operational.

Paul Gronke, professor of political science and director of EVIC, will lead an evaluation process that will employ current Reed students in addition to several recent graduates. “This research grant will place Reed students in the unique position of helping to shape and improve these research reports and policy documents before they are released to the public and the policy making community,” said Gronke.

Gronke will help to evaluate the methodological rigor, clarity, and policy impact of more than two-dozen research projects that Pew has funded. The Elections Initiative at the Pew Center on the States works to improve the election system to ensure the highest standards of accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and security by supporting research that examines the most pressing election problems.