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Supplemental Outdoor Experiences

Reed’s Supplemental Outdoor Experiences offer you a chance to see some of the spectacular areas just outside of Portland, meet other students, and enjoy an outdoor adventure before classes begin.

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Supplemental Outdoor Experiences bring small groups of eight to ten students to a variety of areas around the Portland metro area and into the rivers, oceans, mountains in the Pacific Northwest. We will offer one day excursions from campus to explore areas via foot, Stand Up Paddle Board, Surf Board, Climbing Shoes and much, much more. Teams of student leaders and/or outdoor professionals lead the trips; all are trained in outdoor leadership, first aid, and CPR.

If you register for an Outdoor Experience, you cannot attend the SEEDS Community Engagement Experience.

Please note: Reed College reserves the right to alter or cancel trips based on conditions or situations outside the control of the college. These conditions include but are not limited to low registration, wildfire risk, and low water conditions. If Reed offers an alternative trip, participants will be contacted to opt-in to the new activity. If Reed must cancel a trip in its entirety, the college will notify participants and student accounts will not be charged.

Contact: Will Symms, assistant director of athletics, fitness, & outdoor programs, 503-777-7232.

Important Dates

Friday, August 26th
6pm - 8pm Check-in to meet your group
Saturday, August 27th
7am - 10am 

Trips depart Reed

4pm - 7pm

Trips return to Reed

Sunday, August 28th
4pm - 6pm 

Overnight trips return to Reed

6:30pm - 8:30pm Circuit Climbing Gym Trip

Trip Descriptions

When you sign up for an Outdoor Experience, we will charge your student account after the trip has completed. This fee is refundable if you are unable to attend and notify us before Friday, August 12.

  •  $75.00 Stand Up Paddle Board the Willamette River
    •  Paddle Board through the heart of downtown Portland and explore this majestic river setting. Food carts and fun are guaranteed to etch some memories as you start the year.
  • $175.00 Surfing on the Oregon Coast
    • The Oregon Coast is one of the most spectacular places to see in the state. Take to the surf and explore our rustic, sometimes chilly beaches on top of some epic waves!
  • $95.00 Overnight Backpacking Mt. Adams (8/27-8/28 Overnight)
    • Want more of an experience? Head out early Saturday for a one-night backpacking trip in the Mt. Adams Wilderness area. This trip will over glacier views of a 12,000ft peak, beautiful mountain lakes and part of the Pacific Crest Trail.
  • $50.00 Urban Hike, Food Carts and Coffee
    • Wanna stay closer to home and adventure your way Portland's urban jungle? This trip will offer time on the Trail, Tram, Train and Trolley plus some stops for legendary food carts and coffee.
  • $50.00 Frisbee Golf McIver St. Park and Food Carts
    • FROLF aka Frisbee Golf is a staple in Portland. This tour takes you out to learn how to play Frisbee Golf at Milo McIver State Park with our Ski Cabin manager, Eric Kallio as your guide. After a long throwing session, get your grind on with some food cart eats and treats!
  • $100.00 Art Adventure - Art Museum and Paint Your Own Portrait Tour
    • We have hired a local artist to come to Reed (or local venue) so you can learn and practice your nature painting skills to show off to all your new friends. After the painting session, we can stop by the Portland Art Museum so you can see some real art and marvel at how hard painting can really be.
  • $100.00 Basic Urban Biking Skills and Ceramics Session
    • New to a city? Join our crew on some basic bike 101 safety and urban riding techniques to become as safe a rider in our city as possible. Plus, the views and journey are spectacular as our route takes you over mane city bridges and epic vistas. Then we are are going to do some hands-on art at a local ceramic studio to make that coffee mug for your bestie.
  • $50.00 Washington Park Naturalist Hike
    • Washington park houses many iconic treasures of Portland including Hoyt Arboretum, Pittock Mansion and the Japanese Gardens. This hiking tour will include some great food stops as well as some good mileage checking out these special places in Portland on foot.
  • $175.00  Rafting the Deschutes River
    • Paddle your way through the heart of the Central Cascades on the Deschutes River! This is a full day rafting journey with a professional contracted company. Hit some class 2/3/ waves while cooling off in the heat of central Oregon.
  • $15.00 Sunday Evening 8/28 Circuit Bouldering Gym free climb (6:30pm -8:30pm)
    • Can't make any day trips? Well then come for a couple of hours to the Circuit Bouldering Gym, our local go to rock climbing gym to learn how to boulder on fake rocks. Grab some pizza and take a break to chat with some new friends and the get back climbing. If you choose this as your first option, that means all others are off the table. Choose wisely my friends....

To sign up for an Outdoor Trip, complete the application. Registration begins on June 1 and is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis; materials must be received by July 15.

Please be honest when answering questions about your outdoor experience. Trips are designed for all skill and experience levels, so don't worry if you've never climbed Denali or hiked the length of the Appalachian Trail.

Gearing Up for Your Outdoor Trip

While the weather is generally excellent in August, there are no guarantees. A waterproof jacket and pants are must-have items for the Pacific Northwest! If your hiking boots are new, wear them around town for a few days before the trip: your feet and your group will thank you.

If you don’t have all the gear you need, Reed’s backpack co-op has a limited number  items to loan. You can gear up with your group when you meet them on August 27th between 6-8pm.

The following items are needed for all outdoor trips:
Warm pant layer—if desired; no jeans and no cotton
Warm lightweight jacket—fleece is best
Rain gear is always good to have in the Pacfic Northwest
Hiking/trail running shoes
Water bottles, two minimum (one-quart capacity each)
Personal snacks
Swim suit and towel if you are on a water trip


If you are a student in need of accommodations due to disability, physical or otherwise, please let us know in advance so we can be as accommodating and inclusive as possible in our programming. You may also contact the Disability and Accessibility Resources office to discuss your needs and other possible accommodations for your time at Reed.