New Students

Pre-Orientation Programs

Each year, Reed offers two Pre-Orientation Experiences designed for specific populations of students. 

photo of Reed international students

Pre-Orientation experiences are optional (with the exception of International Student Orientation, which is required for international students), but we recommend them for students that identify with these specific populations. Students join their classmates in small groups to participate in an experience that aims to help ease their transition to college life and enrich Orientation by providing opportunities for both personal growth and leadership development.

All Pre-Orientation programs require pre-registration. Note: International Student Orientation is required for all international students. Registration opens on May 1 for International Student Orientation and on June 1 for the Peer Mentor Program. 

What are International Student Orientation and the Peer Mentor Program?

There are two pre-Orientation programs designed for specific groups of students: International Student Orientation and the Peer Mentor Program. Students participating in these programs will be able to move into their residence halls prior to the start of each program.

International Student Orientation will begin on August 18 and will conclude on August 21. The Peer Mentor Program will begin on August 20 and conclude on August 22 in time for the start of general Orientation. 

Substance Free

In order to make these programs as safe and enjoyable as possible, drugs and alcohol are not permitted. 


If you are a student in need of accommodations due to disability, physical or otherwise, please let the respective program director know in advance so we can be as accommodating and inclusive as possible in our programming. You may also contact Disability & Accessibility Resources to discuss your needs and other possible accommodations for your time at Reed.