New Students

First Year Experience Weekly Discussion Topics and Events

Below is a list of topics that will be covered by OWLs each week, and some events happening during the semester. Do you have questions about life at Reed that aren’t covered on this list? Feel free to bring your own questions and hear from peers about what’s worked for them. 



Notable Events

Week 1
(Aug. 29 - Sept. 4)

Wayfinding Resources and Engagement at Reed

Curious about clubs and involvement at Reed? Want to hear tips from your OWL about life at Reed? Don't miss this first meeting!

Sept. 2: Student Engagement Fair

Week 2
(Sept. 5 - 11)

Time Management and Navigating your Academic Workload

While Reed has a rigorous academic environment, we have lots of resources to help you succeed. Learn from your OWL about tips to keeping organized and resources on campus to help you through the semester. 

Week 3
(Sept. 12 - 18)

Working with Faculty

As a new Reedie, you will soon learn about "paper conferences" - when you get feedback on your papers from faculty members. Chat with your OWL about what kind of feedback you can expect from faculty, how to process it, and effectively using office hours. 

 Week 4
(Sept. 19 - 25)

Health and Well-being

Take a break with your OWL and FYE group! Join in this meeting for a low-key destress crafting activity, snacks, and discussion. 

 Sept. 24: Drag Bingo (partnership with Gray Fund)

Week 5
(Sept. 26 - Oct. 2)

Utilizing the Library

Did you know that first year students have a personal librarian? Are you curious about all the services in the Library but haven't had a chance to ask? Your OWL will guide you through a tour of the library, which will end with some swag. 

Week 6
(Oct. 3 - 9)

The Center for Life Beyond Reed

The Center for Life Beyond Reed is our version of Career Services. But you shouldn't wait until your senior year to visit them. The CLBR office will be visiting OWL meetings for a career workshop just for first year students. 

Oct. 9: Board game night at Mox Boarding House (partnership with Association of Reed Gamers)

Week 7
(Oct. 10 - 16)

Exploring Portland

As a new Reedie, you may not be familiar with the surrounding neighborhoods. Get off-campus with your OWL and learn about a cool place nearby. 


Week 8
(Oct. 17 - 23)

Fall Break - No Meetings

Week 9
(Oct. 14 - 30)

Multicultural Reed

Reedies come from all backgrounds and experiences. We will be talking about our cultural identities and where to find support and community on campus.  

October 25: Pip's Donut Truck on campus

Week 10
(Oct. 31 - Nov. 6) 

Shared Governance at Reed

Reed has a unique model of decision making and governance. Students have a lot of influence in the way our college operates, and your voice matters too. Learn about our unique governance structure, the importance of Reedie activism, and how to get involved to make change on campus. 

Nov. 2: Terrarium building night (partnership with the Terrarium Club)