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Math-Stats student featured in article in Reed College magazine
Harpeth Lee, a current Reed Math-Stat senior, is featured in the Reed College magazine article “Through the Looking Glass”.  The college recently received a grant from the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation to obtain a light sheet microscope, which creates highly accurate 3-D images of cells.  This powerful new tool generates a lot of data and this past summer Harpeth, in his role as the inaugural data intern, explored how to harness and store that data.  Harpeth's efforts will help biology, statistics, computer science, and physics students to be able to start exploring and working with this rich new data!

Data Visualization Contest
The Reed Stats and CS departments recently hosted a data visualization contest where students formed groups to create their own graphics using US colleges data. Four winners were selected: Gillian McGinnis winning “Most Visually Appealing”, the Mlabbies (Simon Couch, Leila Shokat, Josh Yamamoto, and Ingrid Zoll) winning “Most Informative”, Amrita Sawhney and Simon Ahn with “Best Presentation”, and finally, the Dashing Devils (Alex Flowers, Isabelle Caldwell, Olek Wojcik, Lauren Rabe) taking home “Best Overall”. Everyone’s beautiful visualizations can be found here.

2019 Spring USRESP Results
Teams tied for 2nd place at the Undergraduate Statistics Research Project Competition. Read full article.

Students Find Glaring Discrepancy in US News Rankings
Study reveals the steep penalty that the rankings giant imposes on Reed. Read full article.

The Privacy Puzzle
Reedies win 1st place in national competition for innovative new privacy algorithm. Read full article.

Math Prof Wins National Honor for Work on Algebra
Prof. Irena Swanson is named a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society. Read full article.

The Quest Features Weekly Colloquium
The Reed College Quest goes "behind the scenes" of the Math & Statistics Department's weekly colloquium. Read full article.

Statisticians Nab Top Honors
American Statistical Association honors two Reed math seniors for theses on networks and bicycle routes. Read full article.

Math Profs Win Grant to Stretch a World of Silly Putty
Angélica Osorno and Kyle Ormsby won a grant from the NSF to do research in homotopy theory, a branch of mathematics that uses the tools of algebra to explore the otherworldly terrain of topology. Read full article.