Leadership at Reed

Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY)

The Reed Leadership Academy is a semester-long program that takes place spring semester.  It provides opportunities for students to learn about themselves and others in a setting that is engaging and supportive.

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Approximately 20 students—self-selected or nominated by community members for application—are chosen to participate in weekly workshops. Each participant is paired with a mentor from the Portland community who can help connect concepts from class to real life.

RELAY is open to any student who is interested in developing their leadership potential: those whose work is done out of the public eye, those who are positional leaders in student organizations and student governance, and those who are involved in other ways at Reed and in the Portland community. We also welcome students who are just beginning to consider these topics. Everyone has the potential to be a leader no matter their role.

What is RELAY?

The Reed Leadership Academy kicks off with an overnight retreat the second weekend of Paideia. During the retreat we get to know each other and learn about the basics of the program. This retreat sets us up to dive into the topics in the weekly workshops.

RELAY meets every Monday in the spring from 4:30–6 p.m. Each workshop is a combination of experiential activities, lectures and class discussions. Course content will be largely completed by spring break. Class topics are related to our six learning outcomes:


  1. Compose a personal definition of leadership
  2. Identify the personal values that are most important to them
  3. Examine their own identities and cultures in relation to their practice of leadership


  1. Examine their application of skills and tools for effective communication
  2. Examine their application of skills and tools for effective collaboration


  1. Understand the principles of ethical civic engagement and community service

In addition to workshops, students meet with their mentors every other week to talk about the topics covered in class. Other mentoring opportunities could include career advice and networking, job shadowing, advice on navigating issues within leadership contexts, and much more. Your relationship will really depend on what you and your mentor make it.

Program Benefits

RELAY provides a number of benefits that you can't find elsewhere on campus:

  • increased knowledge of your self and others, leading to more effective participation in all kinds of groups
  • pairing with a mentor from the Portland community
  • opportunities to practice skills through community engagement projects
  • $100 Bookstore gift certificate for successful completion of the program

How do I apply to join RELAY?

Apply Now!  Use our electronic application form.  

Important Dates
October 8 & 11 - Info sessions, 6-7:30 (10/8 Bragdon and 10/11 Foster-Scholz)
October 23 - Applications due
October 29-31 - Interviews

For more information about the Reed Leadership Academy, please email student-engagement@reed.edu.