Leadership at Reed

What is Leadership at Reed?

We define leadership as a process that empowers individuals and groups to engage in critical thought and honorable actions. Leaders actively work toward achieving inclusive, diverse, and dynamic shared visions.


Reed provides students with a wide variety of leadership opportunities, from our semester-long student leadership program—Reed Leadership Academy (RELAY)—to vibrant outdoor experiences, unique student organizations, engaging peer mentor programs, and dynamic community service projects.

In all of our leadership opportunities, students are active participants in the learning process; students are accountable and meet high expectations; they develop new skills; they overcome challenges with creativity; and they learn how to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Reed's leadership programs share a commitment to leadership as a process, not a position. By our definition leadership should be inclusive and collaborative while promoting the values of social justice, equity, self-knowledge, service, and change (based on the Social Change model of leadership development).

Program Mission

To support Reed's core academic mission by promoting responsible action, pluralistic thought and the development of lifelong, practical, interpersonal skills. Our programs provide students with opportunities to:

  • articulate and value the principles in which they believe and by which they live;
  • appreciate and honor the potential in themselves and in all people;
  • work toward creating a more respectful, honorable and collaborative campus community among students, faculty, and staff;
  • utilize these skills beyond Reed as they engage in future pursuits.

Program Vision

We envision a community of students who have achieved their full personal and intellectual potential and are the creative leaders of the future. These leaders will be well-rounded and confident individuals who identify, study, address, and resolve important social issues at Reed and beyond. We aspire to foster students' development as creative thinkers and deeply humane actors who put to best use their extraordinary intellectual and leadership capacities. 

RELAY applications available

Apply now for the spring 2019 Reed Leadership Academy cohort. For more information about RELAY see the Reed Leadership Academy Page.