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Russian Typing Help

You must install a Russian keyboard to type in Russian. Apple and pc machines have slightly different keyboard layouts, and there's also a Russian phonetic keyboard that maps Russian characters onto Latin characters with similar pronunciation. The Russian phonetic keyboard is popular among English-speaking Russian language learners. 

You can check out keyboard covers with the Russian PC keyboard layout from the IMC.

Mac typing help

Keyboard layout setup

Type using a Russian keyboard.

Keyboard viewer

View your keyboard layout while you type and copy characters into documents.

Russian keyboard layout

Images of the standard and Russian phonetic keyboard layouts on a mac.

Windows typing help 

Keyboard layout setup

Type using a Russian keyboard.

On-screen keyboard

View your keyboard layout while you type.

Typing practice


Keybr provides free, online typing excerises for the standard Russian keyboard (not the Russian PC or Phonetic Russian keyboards). Exercises are based not on words, but on frequently used characters, so you focus on typing accuracy rather than correctly typing specific words. You can keep score to motivate yourself to practice.

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