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Grammar for college-level writing

Reed College Doyle O.W.L. 

The Online Writing Lab has a variety of resources, including specific information about Scientific Writing and Research Papers. It also includes a page of resources for English as a Second Language writers.

UIUC Center for Writing Studies

The Center for Writing Studies at the UIUC maintains a useful English grammar page with information including common usage problems.

SUNY Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center at SUNY also provides information about English grammar with clear explanations of parts of speech and agreement in particular.

University of Toronto University College Writing Centre

The University of Toronto provides grammar resources specifically for English as a Second Language writers, including verb lists.

The Purdue OWL

The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) includes an extensive page of resources for English as a Second Language students. There's specific information about writing for North American Colleges and different genres of writing, as well as grammar.

Understanding writing assignments

The Purdue OWL

The Purdue OWL has a multi-part explanation of understanding writing assignments. The section on reading writing assignments has a table to help you navigate the specific language used in assignments and how it relates to your professor's expectations.

UNC Writing Center

The guide to understanding writing assignments from the UNC Writing Center has a similar list of verbs to look for in assignments and also provides some guidance of what sorts of evidence to look for to complete specific types of assignments.

UMUC Online Guide to Writing and Research

UMUC also provides a handy chart to explain types of verbs used in writing assignments and expected outcomes. UMUC's page is the simplest of these tools for understanding writing assignments and is a good place to start without getting overwhelmed.

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