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English Language Resources

Drop-in tutoring at the Writing Center

The Writing Center at Reed offers one-on-one tutoring for writing in addition to drop-in tutoring from 6-10 pm Sunday through Thursday and Fridays before Hum 110 papers are due. 

Reed Resources for Hum 110

Hum 110 webpage

The webpage for the course includes timelines and maps as well as writing assignments and study guides.

Doyle O.W.L

Reed's Online Writing Lab has a page of resources for Writing in Hum 110, including worksheets, sample papers, and useful suggestions for taking lecture notes and reading critical articles.

Academic expectations at Reed

Reed Honor Principle website

Reed operates on the Honor Principle, and and Honor Council made up of students, faculty, and staff mediate on issues of academic misconduct. The Honor Principle site explains expectations and procedure.

Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar at Reed also provides information on Academic Integrity.

Additional Resources

Specialized Dictionaries
Resources for Writing in English
Resources for Classroom Participation and Notetaking

Drop-in Language Tutoring (login required)

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