January Academy

2018 January Academy: January 2–19

January Academy is a cost-free, three-week residential workshop for first year students and first year transfer students who would like to strengthen their writing, quantitative, and study skills.

Reed’s January Academy takes place in the middle of your first year—between the fall and spring semesters. After getting started at Reed, many students welcome a chance to refine their academic writing skills, review the mathematical tools used in many first-year courses, and develop strategies for academic success, like managing time well, building resilience, communicating with faculty, and using academic support resources strategically.

January Academy Highlights
All workshops are led by Reed faculty and Reed staff members.
The workshops are small and activity based—you’ll get to know faculty, staff, and your fellow students as you work together to master new skills.
The skills you develop will serve you well as you embark on your second semester at Reed.

January Academy includes a range of social and recreational activities including wellness classes and access to the sports center, dinners and other outings with select staff members, and a weekend trip to Reed’s ski cabin. January Academy classes are scheduled to allow students to participate in many Paideia classes and events.

Information about Applying

Who can apply?

Applications are open to all Reed first year students and first year transfer students. Any student who feels they could benefit from additional instruction and feedback in writing, quantitative, or study skills before beginning their spring classes is encouraged to apply.


The program runs for three weeks beginning Tuesday, January 2, through Friday, January 19.


There is no cost for currently enrolled Reed students. All instruction, housing, food, books and supplies, and costs connected to program-related events are provided by the academy.


Accepted students are expected to participate in all workshops for which they are enrolled for the full length of the program. Students participate in a brief assessment at the end of the spring term.

When and how to apply

Applications are required, as January Academy can accommodate only a small number of students. The application is brief and straightforward and is due by Friday, November 10.

Apply Now

Workshops at January Academy

Academic Savvy, Academic Success

In this workshop students identify personal goals for academic success and develop the strategies they need to get there. By the end of the program, you should have a better sense of your strengths as a student and have identified areas for improvement in the semester ahead. Faculty, staff, and peer tutors will offer insight and support as you explore concrete strategies for setting goals, managing your time, building relationships across campus, managing academic workload, managing stress, and responding to challenges.

Effective Academic Writing

The goals of this workshop are to understand what constitutes an effective academic essay and to refine your writing skills. Topics include how to structure an essay, how to provide and analyze evidence, and how to revise for clarity and grace. Faculty, staff, and peer tutors will help you build self-awareness as a writer and confidence in the writing process.

Quantitative Analysis across the Curriculum

This workshop reviews the mathematical tools used in introductory courses across the curriculum including biology, chemistry, physics, economics, psychology, sociology, and more. Two tracks support students with and without a background in calculus. Topics in the non-calculus track include plotting and interpreting data, solving word problems, linear, polynomial, and exponential modeling, logarithms, basic probability, and review of a variety of basic algebraic techniques. The calculus track reviews the topics above and one-dimensional differential and integral calculus. Both tracks feature hands-on practice with an emphasis on applications across a variety of disciplines.