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Zotero with Google Docs

Zotero is able to be used to add citations and bibliographies to Google Docs. After installing the Zotero add-on for Chrome, you should see "Zotero" in the banner across the top of your Google Doc. Make sure that you have the Zotero app installed and running on your computer, too.

You can click on the "Zotero" option and it will give you a drop-down list with options for what you can do. 

To add a citation, you can do it a few ways, the easiest and most universal ways are through the drop down menu and choosing "Add/edit citation" or through the Zotero icon, located at the end of the ribbon shown here:

After you choose to insert a citation, a search bar will appear. In the bar you can search for the source you want to cite either by name or by author.


When you first use Zotero on a document, there will be a prompt asking you what citation style you want to use. You can later change this option by choosing "Document preferences" in the drop down menu.


When you are ready to insert your bibliography, or you wish to edit/update it, scroll to your bibliography chapter and choose the "Add/edit bibliography" from the drop-down menu. It will automatically add and format the bibliography for you.