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The InterConnect program seeks to support new international students with their cultural, social, and academic transition to Reed by matching them with a current Reedie. New students and their mentors will get to know each other through frequent individual meetings and a series of InterConnect events that will occur during the school year.

InterConnect Team 2018

InterConnect Mentors 2018-19

Shisham Adhikari


Hi there, my name is Shisham Adhikari. I am a sophomore Math-Econ major from Nepal. I love traveling and I have been super into hiking since I moved to Portland. I love hanging out with people and laughing of course! Small things in life are what makes me genuinely happy, so my favorite things to do on campus are mid-night bike riding, sky-doodling, befriending dogs, meditating by the canyon and skipping around this beautiful campus. I know moving to a college in a new country can be an overwhelming feeling, at least for me it was, but trust me, you got this! Reed is such a beautiful campus and welcoming place to be. I can’t wait to meet you guys, it’s gonna be GREAT!

Jagannath Cadambi


Hello! I'm Jagannath, a rising sophomore probably majoring in philosophy and mathematics. I'm from India, though I was raised abroad (all over the place---like some of you), before attending a UWC for the last two years of high school. Besides my academics, I'm really into music (mainly classical), literature, and film, and if you are too we should talk about it. :) I look forward to meeting you all --- I made some of my best friends in the international student orientation, hope it's as great an introduction to Reed for you as it was for me.

Nick Marsico


Hey! I'm Nick and I'm a rising senior psychology major. I'm incredibly interested in language, traveling, and culture. I just came back from a year abroad in Paris, France, where I studied many subjects such as cinema, art, and political science at different French universities. While I only lived there for a year, I was able to understand the difficulties and barriers that come with directly integrating into a new culture and society. Some of my favorite places I've been to in the past include Paris (of course), London, Copenhagen, Tokyo, and Moscow.  Language has always been one of my greatest passions; speak to me in French, Spanish, or (basic!) Italian! Some of my favorite things to do in the Portland community include trying new food spots, getting out in nature, and going to concerts with friends. After Reed, I plan on going to graduate school for clinical psychology. Coming to Reed can be overwhelming, and I can't wait to meet and support you all and have some fun! 

Melanie Meredith

Hai! I’m Melanie and I’m a psychology major, but I also love art, music, computer science, and videogames. I plan on pursuing a career in psychology research, specifically in perception or neuroscience. My hobbies are writing electronic music, playing video games, painting, or coding my own hilariously bad visual novel. I’m also an expert at photoshop and can make great memes pretty fast. I have lived in Hong Kong for 5 years and Shanghai for 9 years, and I attended international schools during those times. I’m super excited to be a mentor and meet many people with different backgrounds.  

Bijay Rai

Hi! My name is Bijay, and I am a rising sophomore probably majoring in Mathematics/Computer Science. I grew up and went to school in Kathmandu, Nepal. I find comfort in doing things of my interest and they have not changed after coming to Reed. I play basketball for Reed’s men’s basketball team and live in the Music Appreciation Society with amazing people like Melanie. If you love to listen, discuss, and make music or just jam with your instrument anytime, I will be your companion. I often go outside Reed hiking, camping, climbing, and backpacking around and outside Portland and practice Photography with my friends (hopefully with you too). I love discussing broad and abstract ideas through my radio show, mostly with friends from my Hum conference. I am also a member of the International Student Advisory Board where we organize exciting events for international students. It can be a little intimidating when you first come to Reed, but the college has so much to offer to match your academic/non-academic interests, and I will help you find them. I am excited to meet you all and have a lot of fun.

Serafina Ridgley

Serafina Ridgley

Hola, my name is Serafina Anne Martínez Ridgley and I am a rising Sophomore majoring in Literature-Theatre here at Reed! I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) and lived there for the majority of my life before moving abroad (so if Spanglish is up your alley, I’m your gal). I’ve lived & traveled in India and Wales and graduated from UWC-AC in 2017. If you can’t find me in the Performing Arts Building, The Paradox, or the Library, I’m most likely to be found napping or sipping tea with a book in hand listening to some tunes. In addition, I love creative writing, dance, cooking, and petting cute animals. Please feel free to snag me for a chat about absolutely anything – I’m here and very eager to help you transition to your new home here at Reed!

Ashley San Miguel


Hi y'all, I'm Ashley a junior Political Science major at Reed. I'm going to do a focus in Latin American studies because along with the sun, dogs, and summer, that is my passion. I also love music, concerts, and spending hours cooking for my friends. I was born and grew up in Sugar Hill, Georgia but my family is from Peru, so I consider both places to be home. I'm excited to meet all of you and to have a great school year!

Nemo Shen


Hi! My name is Nemo, I'm a rising sophomore Linguistics major from China. I come from Hangzhou, a lovely city in eastern China. I travel a lot. In my most recent trip, I went to Russia for two weeks to take the Trans-Siberian train, it was really an experience. I'm also a photographer. To me, the key for photography is to be at the right place at the right time with the right equipment. Travelling makes the best photography material. Hope to see my mentees soon so I can take you to explore the city and fantastic places in Oregon.  

Livia Xu


Hi there, I am Livia, a rising Junior math major from Shanghai, China. Besides solving math problems, I enjoy reading about history, and am currently in the process of going through ancient texts about Chinese history. It is super fun to uncover the author's opinion behind their narrative. I am also a fan of Star Trek, linguistics, psychology, and many other topics. Currently, I am working with SAPR as an advocate, and am excited to be an InterConnect Mentor for the next semester. I can't wait to meet you all when the new semester starts, and I hope that I will be a useful resource for your transition to college and to a new culture!

Lucas Yong


Hello! My name is Lucas and I’m a rising sophomore computer science/math
major from Singapore. When I’m not busy with schoolwork, I like to watch
movies/documentaries and spend time with my friends. I’m happiest when I’m
doing Judo, which is a sport I’ve done for many years. Moving to the United
States was definitely a scary change for me, but attending the international
student orientation definitely made the transition a lot smoother, so I’m really
thrilled to have the opportunity to help recreate that experience for the incoming
international students!

Yuxi Zhu


Hi everyone! I am Yuxi, a rising sophomore probably majoring in economics or psychology.  I was born in Jingdezhen, a beautiful city in southern China and now I live in Shanghai. I love cooking and baking, especially making spicy Chinese food and French pastry. For weekends, I enjoy watching old movies with friends. I am such a fan for good films that I spend a lot (maybe too much) of my free time watching classic movies. Doing sports and exercise is also one of my favorite thing to do in Portland, especially biking near the downtown riverside. Trust me, it is such an amazing view that you will fall in love with it immediately. Transitioning to Reed can be a bit overwhelming at first but you can make it! I am so excited to meet you guys and share all these amazing experiences together!


If you have any questions about the program, please contact Dana Lawson, Assistant Dean of International Students.

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