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The American Association of University Women Award

The AAUW award provides a certificate of recognition to a graduating senior woman for her academic achievement as well as her contribution to the college and local communities during her undergraduate career. In addition to these qualifications, the AAUW award recipient must possess qualities indicative of future leadership including responsibility, determination, and personal strength. Recipients are chosen by the college's fellowship and awards committee.

1978 Rachel Klevit
1980 Kelly K. Hurley
1981 Lisa Steinmann
1982 Meredith Morgan
1983 Susan Marks
1984 Suzanne Page
1985 Jill Watanabe
1986 Tasha Spencer
1987 Irena Swanson
1988 Marie Johnson
1991 Mila Birnbaum
Jennifer Powers
1992 Khristina Haddad
Melissa Melby
1994 Tamara Griggs
1995 Julie Hollien
1996 Sylvia Gale
Tamara Shaw
1997 Molly Franks
Laura Wolford
1998 Eva Palmer
1999 Caitlin Baggott
2007 Natalie Joy
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