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Tag: Sexuality


Polasek, K. M., & Roper, E. A. (2011). Negotiating the Gay Male Stereotype in Ballet and Modern Dance. Research in Dance Education, 12(2), 173-193. (PDF)

This study interviews several male dancers in order to understand constructions of masculinity in the contemporary dance world and examine the pervasive homophobia that still exists therein. This study is helpful to anyone interested in masculinity studies, especially in a field traditionally thought of as feminine.


Fitzpatrick, K. R., Henninger, J. C., & Taylor, D. M. (2014). Access and Retention of Marginalized Populations within Undergraduate Music Education Degree Programs. Journal of Research in Music Education, 62(2), 105-127. (PDF)

This study interviews several intersectional minority students in collegiate music programs in order to discover what challenges they have faced in order to be a part of these programs. This essay is of general interest; it speaks to the challenges of marginalized groups in academia as a whole.


LePeau, L. (2007). Queer(y)ing Religion and Spirituality: Reflections from Difficult Dialogues Exploring Religion, Spirituality, and Homosexuality. College Student Affairs Journal, 26(2), 186-192. (PDF)

In this piece, LePeau examines the results of combining religion and sexuality in a highly personal classroom atmosphere. LePeau offers up several practical suggestions for how to deal with these sensitive topics within an emotionally fraught college classroom; this article is primarily helpful for any professor finding themselves navigating a similar atmosphere.