Diversity and Your Department

Resources for addressing diversity and inclusion


Townsend, Robert B. "Clio's Charm Holding Fast? History Major Numbers Continue to Rise at Most Institutions." Perspectives on History: The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association (Oct. 2012). https://www.historians.org/publications-and-directories/perspectives-on-history/october-2012/clios-charm-holding-fast

Compares the popularity of history to other majors, concluding that the popularity of the degree generally is increasing. However, while academia generally is now "significantly more diverse," within the history department women and racial/ethnic minorities remain under­represented when compared with their involvement in BA programs generally.


Susanne Hillman. (2015). Facing Injustice: Video Testimony in the College Classroom. Presented at the Teaching Diversity Conference, UC San Diego. Retrieved from https://diversity.ucsd.edu/_files/tdc%202015/Susanne%20Hillman.docx

In this paper, Professor Hillman presents her use of Videotaped testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust, the Rwandan genocide, and the Nanjing massacre in teaching tolerance and empathy in the history classroom. She argues that "approaching the breakdown of equity, diversity, and inclusion within specific historical contexts equips students with the conceptual tools to recognize injustice and exclusion in the present." This method has cross-disciplinary possibilities.