Diversity and Your Department

Resources for addressing diversity and inclusion


Arnold, Ivo J. M. "Ethnic Minority Dropout in Economics." Journal of Further and Higher Education 37, Issue 3 (2013): 297­-320. (PDF)

This paper "investigates the first-year study success of minority students in the bachelor program in economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam." The authors of this article break the preparatory characteristics of struggling students into more discrete variables than most similar studies. They pay special attention to the type of work done by students in high school and show that this may be a major reason why minority students are more likely to drop out of economics programs. The authors concluding argument is that to reduce incidences of dropout in math-heavy disciplines such as economics, programs to help struggling students should focus on improving relevant academic skills rather than on social and academic integration.


Jensen, Elizabeth J. and Ann L. Owen. "Pedagogy, Gender, and Interest in Economics." The Journal of Economic Education 32, Issue 4 (2001): 323­-343.  (PDF)

This study looked at the variables that influence women undergraduate students interest in taking economics course and in choosing economics as a major. Of particular interest is the authors' investigation into "how students' characteristics and attitudes interact with the instructor's pedagogy and certain departmental and college-level characteristics to influence students' decisions about pursuing economics."

Stockly, Sue K. "Is Race a Determinant of Student Performance in Economics?" The Review of Black Political Economy 36, No. 3 (2 Oct. 2009): 181-­195. (PDF)

Discusses the lack of racial minority representation among Economics BAs awarded 1995­-2006. Analysis concludes that race "statistically significant factor in determining student performance in Macro & Micro," though the data is unclear on exactly why this is the case.