Diversity and Your Department

Resources for addressing diversity and inclusion


Clements, A. (2009). Minority Students and Faculty in Higher Music Education. Music Educators Journal, 95(3), 53-56. (PDF)

This essay examines various problems and solutions to the recruitment of minority students to music programs in college. This essay would be very helpful to organizers of musical groups and programs on campus.

Fitzpatrick, K. R., Henninger, J. C., & Taylor, D. M. (2014). Access and Retention of Marginalized Populations within Undergraduate Music Education Degree Programs. Journal of Research in Music Education, 62(2), 105-127. (PDF)

This study interviews several intersectional minority students in collegiate music programs in order to discover what challenges they have faced in order to be a part of these programs. This essay is of general interest; it speaks to the challenges of marginalized groups in academia as a whole.

Kinzer, J. (2014). Students Speak: Diversity in the Pedagogical Practices of Music in Higher Education. CMS Forums, 54.

This article features contributions from ten post-secondary music students on how to increase diversity in the music classroom. The short piece is composed of many different smaller sections that all look at the issues of music education diversity in different ways.

Quaglia, B. W. (2015). Planning for Student Variability: Universal Design for Learning in the Music Theory Classroom and Curriculum. Music Theory Online, 21(1). (PDF)

In this article, Quaglia proposes Universal Design for Learning as an effective way to be inclusive of students with disabilities while bettering the classroom environment for all students as a whole. This article is best suited for professors who would be open to adapting to a whole new method of teaching.