Office for Institutional Diversity

Fall 2022 Staff & Faculty Campus Climate

In the Fall of 2022, Reed College partnered with the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS)  in order to administer a Climate Survey to faculty and staff. The survey was developed by HEDS, whose members include predominantly private, liberal arts colleges, which allows Reed to compare data results with our peer institutions. There were multiple goals associated with this survey effort. One of which was to obtain feedback from the college community members’ perceptions, feelings, and opinions on an array of topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Assessments also included other topics such as the prevalence of harassment and discrimination. The long-term goal for Reed College in conducting this survey is to become a stronger and more inclusive higher education institution. Reed College plans to administer a Climate Survey every three years (next in the Fall of 2025) so that the campus can track patterns of concern and trends over time as part of a continuous quality improvement approach. 

The data summarized in this document represents the narrative of staff and faculty at Reed College. We acknowledge that the voices of our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color colleagues may be underrepresented in the survey results. We are mindful of the relational barriers they may face in participating. We truly value their stories and experiences and are committed to actively working towards creating better access to participation in the future. The feedback from this survey offers meaningful and crucial data for reflection and planning as well as an opportunity for understanding and growth as a college on the topics of climate, belonging, equity, harassment, and discrimination.

Fall 2022 HEDS Data Summary

Engagement Guide for Staff & Faculty Campus Climate Survey 2022

HEDS 2022 Feedback Form