Office for Institutional Diversity

Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence (ARIE) Mini-Grants

The Faculty Committee on Diversity and the Office for Institutional Diversity are pleased to announce mini-grants of $500 to $1500 to Reed academic departments and divisions to support antiracist and inclusive excellence initiatives. These grants are meant to support academic department and/or division initiatives in at least one of five focus areas:
  1. Discipline or divisional specific inclusive pedagogical practices
  2. Curriculum expansion centering the experiences, scholarship, and creative products of people from marginalized identities
  3. Inclusive academic, research, and/or thesis advising initaitives
  4. Enhancing academic department climate and belonging
  5. Mentorship of tenure-track faculty, especially faculty of color

Academic departments and divisions are invited to submit a proposal to receive an ARIE mini-grant for initiatives to take place during the academic year or summer. Projects or initiatives funded by the ARIE mini-grant must be completed by June 30, 2022. Priority for mini-grant awards of $500-$1500 are as follows:

  • Multi-departmental or divisional initiatives
  • Full department initiatives
  • Cross department initiatives
  • Teams of three or more faculty members

Examples of projects that might receive ARIE funding include:

  • Inviting disciplinary experts in inclusive and anti-racist practices to hold a ½ or full day workshop for members of one or more departments, progams or divisions
  • Organizing a department or division-wide workshop facilitated by an outside expert on short, medium, and long-term curricular planning to increase the representation of the experiences, scholarship, and creative products of marginalized peoples
  • Organizing individual and/or focus group interviews with lower division and/or majors in a department to better understand students’ experience of the department climate. Funds might be used to hire and train peer interviewers or to pay coders for interview transcripts.

Most importantly, we invite your ideas for the most promising ways to promote anti-racist and inclusive practices in your department or division.

To Apply

Submit to a 1-2 page description of the project including:

  • A brief description of the project/initiative and anticipated outcomes
  • Timeline including expected completion date (must be completed by June 30, 2022)
  • The faculty member lead for the project
  • Others who will be involved in moving the project forward
  • Detailed budget for the project 
    • Please note: ARIE funds cannot be used for faculty member stipends
  • Other support required of Reed Offices or Departments beyond financial support from this grant


Notification of funding will occur within 2 weeks of a proposal submission and is on a rolling basis. We encourage academic departments to submit their proposals as early as possible.

For questions or more information regarding the ARIE mini-grant process, please email us at