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Who are mentors? Mentors are students from a cross-section of the campus, who have devised strategies to navigate the social and academic atmosphere of Reed and are willing to share their insights! Mentors are not perfect by any means; we encourage those who have experienced struggles at Reed and have learned--or are learning--from them to apply. Mentors participate in the PMP pre-orientation experience, maintain regular contact with their mentees, and receive on-going training and support.

Meet a few of our outstanding mentors from years past!

maddox right way

Maddox Zhang, '20 

Hi, I’m Maddox (he/him/his or they/them/theirs). I'm a queer transmasc Chinese American from Orange, CT. I'm a junior looking to major in biochem, and I'm going to be one of the interns for PMP this year! My primary goal for this year, above all else, is to listen. I want to hear about your unique experiences if you're willing to share, give space for your healing, connect you to others with similar backgrounds, and welcome you to the PMP family. This year I'd like to focus specifically on oppression that occurs within marginalized communities, and further investigate different intersections of identity. Outside of PMP, my goals for this year are to read and volunteer more, and do more food exploring in Portland!


Aziz Ouedraogo, '20

Yeah, that’s Aziz. Pretty cute right? Yeah, we know, that’s why we elected him. Believe it or not Aziz can do more than just look pretty. While we initially thought he was just tall, dark, and adorable, we’ve come to realize that he’s actually pretty funny too. While quite expensive and rather high maintenance we, Reed College, easily justified the purchase of the Aziz™ 2019-2020 model. Harvested locally from a brown woman in Boise, Idaho, this investment ensures only the finest in teamwork, grace, innovation, and the superiority of the brown race. Above all else, the goal of this Student Body acquisition is to drive Student Success, and in a manner quite similar to the late and great Kim Possible, Aziz can always be called, or beeped, whenever she may need to be reached. Although Aziz is beautiful, it doesn’t excuse the fact that when he’s not hard at work, she can usually be found getting the most out of his Crunchyroll Premium membership.


 Lonnie Patzman, '20 

My name is Claire (they/them/theirs) and I'm a junior psychology major originally from Seattle hoping to work along the intersections of psychology and social work in the future. I'm a sucker for sappy YA romance, but I try to balance that out with lots of non-fiction; true crime is my thing right now. I also watch loads of movies with my go-to pick-me-up genre being horror. My favorite thing to talk about is Degrassi because I'm shameless. I can't wait to meet all the new mentees this summer!



Jasmin Castellanos, '23

Hello! My name is Jasmin (she, her, hers), and I'm from Chicago, IL. I am a first gen and low ses student and really found community and some of my closest friends through PMP. I work at the MRC as the First year liaison and Latinx diaspora event coordinator. I love coffee, all things sweet, and dogs! I really enjoy the swings on campus and spending my weekends exploring different places around Portland!



Jacey de la Torre, '20 

I'm a queer mixed-race kid from California's East Bay who loves to write, work out and cook with my loved ones. Catch me at Reed working at the Sports Center or student center, spending time with my friends or complaining about rich Reedies (or all three at the same time). After graduation, I'm going to take a gap year and apply to grad programs to receive a Masters in Education and teach high school!



Gerry Peña-Martinez, '20

Greetings, my name is Gerry Peña-Martinez (He/Him or They/Them) and I am a Junior Art History/Economics Major. Originally from Southern California, though I had the privilege of visiting my family back in Mexico growing up.This is my third year involved with PMP, as it has given me a great sense of community. Through my involvement in PMP I came to meet many incredible people that shared (and didn't share) facets of my own identity that I didn't initially expect to find at Reed. Outside of PMP and academia I am a Housing Advisor and Co-Leader of Latinx Student Union. When not occupied by these responsibilities I try to visit local art museums, cook with friends or binge watch Netflix shows. Feel free to reach out about about being Latinx, Queer, Low-Ses, Child of immigrants are any other concern as I am always willing to hear.


Kyla Hayworth '21

Hi, I'm Kyla and I'm a half white, half Chinese nonbinary mess of a person. I'm originally from Austin, Texas, but I have also lived in Massachusetts, Kansas, and New Hampshire, though I was born here in Portland. My favorite spot on campus is behind the mailroom/bon appetit office, because there is a good chance of seeing the canyon cats (who are perfect in every way) or even the tiny baby raccoon who pillages their food. My favorite place off campus is my house because it's where I sleep, but I also really like the Woodstock and Hawthorne farmers markets during the summer. I like to climb, cook, and lay in the sun. I know a lot about on campus employment and general campus logistics, ask me your hardest questions!


Saxton Fisher, '20

Hello! My name is Saxton (they/them and he/him). I'm from the Houston, Texas area and I'll be a junior at Reed in the fall. I'm a chemistry major and think science and math are super magical, but I also love looking at and making art, especially contemporary sculpture, and consider myself an artist. I love the deep sea, thunderstorms, night driving, sleeping, and collecting wikipedia articles. My favorite spots on campus are the great lawn, the blue bridge, and the gcc basement. I'm very bad at relaxing, but when I do, I like to watch re-runs of the office or walk around outside. I'm really looking forward to meeting y'all! :+) 


Jillian de la Torre, '20

Hey! My name is Jillian but most people know me as Jilly (she/her/hers). I’m a third-year English major from a small town in Richmond, California in the East Bay Area. I’m so excited to be a part of PMP this year! I come from a super tight-knit, mixed-race family with humble financial means. Coming to such a rich, white place as Reed presented me with a huge culture shock my first year, and honestly, I’m still struggling to get used to it. That being said, I have grown to love Portland (with all its yummy food) and the Reed community (with all its lovely people). Here at Reed, I work as a SAPR advocate providing confidential support to those affected by domestic and sexual violence, and I have worked at homeless and domestic violence shelters in Portland and in the Bay Area. I am also a leader of Reed’s Christian club, Oh For Christ’s Sake, and am involved with Latinx Student Union. In my free time, I love to go for walks through the canyon, listen to music and chill on that little bench underneath Greenwood (a hidden gem of the Reed campus tbh), go camping, hit up the gym, cook Mexican food, read short stories, and pet all the cute dogs I can find. I love being a part of the PMP community and I can’t wait to meet all the incoming mentees this year! :)