Human Resources

Inclement weather

Due to the residential nature of our college, the decision to close the college during inclement weather is a difficult one.  We must balance student and employee safety with our ability to provide campus services.

The decision to close the college will be made by the vice presidents/deans as soon as is practicable.  The closure will be posted on the front page of  In the absence of such notification, employees should assume that the college is open. 

When the college is open during severe weather

Department directors have authority to close their departments or open them late during inclement weather.  Directors should contact their employees as soon as possible during severe weather, to let them know what is expected of them.

No employee is expected to endanger themselves travelling to or from work.  If the college is open and an employee determines that travel to campus is too hazardous, they may, in consultation with their supervisor, elect to work from home.  Any hours not worked from home should be recorded as vacation.  Employees should speak with their supervisor as soon as possible when they determine that they will not be able to travel to work, but no later than the first 30 minutes of the work day.

When employees are unavoidably late during severe weather conditions but have made a reasonable effort to arrive at work on time, they will be paid for the entire day of work.

When the college is closed during severe weather

During college closures, supervisors will determine which employees are required to work on campus and for how long. Which staff will be required to work will depend on the nature of the inclement weather, the amount of preparation that was accomplished before the closure, the events scheduled on campus that day and other factors.   Every effort will be made by Reed supervisors and department directors to minimize the number of staff required to provide essential services on campus during a closure. 

Supervisors will notify staff as far in advance as practicable if they are expected to report to work during the closure.  Employees working on an overnight night shift prior to a closure may be required to stay late.  Employees should speak with their supervisor ahead of time to determine if their position is one that may be expected to work during a closure.

Nonexempt (i.e. hourly) employees who are required to work on campus during an inclement weather closure will be compensated at a rate that is twice their regular hourly wage for all hours worked during the closure or four hours, whichever is greater.   Exempt (i.e. salaried) employees who are required to work on campus during a closure will not receive extra pay, as they receive the same salary irrespective of the number of hours worked.

Employees who are scheduled to work but are not required to come to campus to work during the closure (and are not on vacation or other leave) will receive their regular pay for all of the hours that they were scheduled to work during the closure, irrespective of whether or not they work from home.

During closure, it is likely that many staff will be required to work from home.  Staff who work from home will be compensated at their regular rate and will not receive extra pay. 

Each time the college closes, a specific close and open time will be announced.  It may be the case that the college is closed during day shift, but reopens for swing or night shift.