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Check At Reed for a full list of events on campus
Art Off the Clock: Show of faculty and staff art held in the spring
Canyon Day
Friday at Four Concerts: Concerts in Eliot chapel
Reed Entertainers Talent Show: Talent show by faculty and staff held in the spring
Paideia: Reed's unofficial winter term in January
Staff Recognition Luncheon: End of academic year celebration
Semester Party: Please stop by for food and drink, live music, conversation with faculty, staff and families


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Community safety, emergency: 503-788-6666*
Community safety, non-emergency: 503-517-5355*
Computing help desk: 503-777-7525*
Facilities / maintenance: 503-777-7283*
Payroll questions: 503-777-7282*
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*Note: If using an on-campus office phone or community phone you don't need to input the complete phone number, just the last four digits!