Human Resources

During Your First Week

  • Meet with HR on your first day (usually at 10am). HR is located in Eliot Hall 305
  • Meet with Computer User Services (CUS) on your first day (usually 9am) for account and equipment setup.  If you're receiving a computer, CUS will meet you in your workspace.  If you're receiving accounts but not a computer, you'll meet at the Help Desk located on the first floor of the ETC building
  • Get your Reed ID from community safety
  • Get your key(s) to work space from facilities services (ID required)
  • Before your compensation and benefits orientation with HR, review the medical and dental plans and decide who in your family you'd like to insure
  • Meet with your supervisor to develop three to five goals for you to accomplish in the upcoming six months. Finalize these, enter them into the Looking Ahead section on a GD/R form and turn the form in to HR no later than 60 days after your start date.
  • Schedule an admission campus tour 
  • Register your car and/or bicycle with community safety
  • Sign up for the campus emergency alert system
  • Subscribe to the academic and holiday calendars
  • Visit Events at Reed College for a full list of campus events...attend one!