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Mentorship is a important professional development tool to help you advance in your career, enhance your knowledge, and build your network. It also allows a mentee to connect with someone that has likely "been there, done that" and can therefore serve as a resource. We encourage every employee to seek a professional mentor. Here are tips on finding and asking someone to be your mentor. We also encourage employees to offer to be a mentor, as well.




New Employee Peer Mentor Program

The new employee peer mentor program for staff is part of the onboarding process for new employees to assist them with a smooth transition and help them feel welcome and included into the Reed community and campus. Our hope is that a peer mentor pairing will cultivate into a long-lasting relationship for our new employees.

A mentor should be someone who is successful and confident in their position at Reed, and is willing to spend time to welcome new employees to our community. The mentor should care about Reed and the people within Reed and have a genuine desire to see everyone succeed. We encourage the peer mentor to be someone that the new employee would not consistently interact within their position.

The peer mentor will serve as a resource for understanding Reed structure and culture and show the new employee favorite places on and near campus and more! The peer mentor will welcome new employees and meet with them once a week for the first month in their new role. A mentor should be focused on networking and assisting the new employee with finding their sense of place and comfort within the Reed community. Human Resources encourages mentors to find their own unique approach to mentorship and plan useful activities.

Mentor to do list:

  • Stop by the new employees office/workspace to introduce yourself on their first day or as soon as possible after
  • Meet with new employee once a week for the first month to include:

The program is open to all benefited staff employees. To serve as a mentor, staff should be employed at Reed 6 months or longer.

Mentor Assignments

Hiring managers will work with the recruiter to assign new employees to current staff mentors. This will happen after we have a signed written letter of offer and ideally before the new employee’s first day of work. The goal is not necessarily to find someone in a department similar to the new hire's office, but rather to find someone willing to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the campus and its culture. There is an expectation that every staff member will be asked at some point during their tenure at Reed to serve as a staff mentor.

If you have questions about the program or you are interested in participating please contact us at

Mentor lunch tickets

Stop by Human Resources in Eliot 305 to pick up your lunch tickets for you and your mentor.