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Mentorship is a important professional development tool to help you advance in your career, enhance your knowledge, and build your network. It also allows a mentee to connect with someone that has likely "been there, done that". We encourage every employee to seek a professional mentor. Here are tips on finding and asking someone to be your mentor. We encourage employees to offer to be a mentor, as well.




New Employee Peer Mentor Program

Every new staff member should be assigned a new hire peer mentor by their supervisor. Having a new hire peer mentor is an important part of the onboarding process. New employees actually accept our job offer twice, once when they agree to join us and again, after about 30 days on the job, when they decide if they want to stay! The first 30 days of employment are crucial.

A good new hire peer mentor is someone who is successful in their position at Reed and willing to spend time to welcome new employees to our community. A peer mentor is someone that works in a different department, and often, the mentor is someone that the new employee would not be likely to meet otherwise. The peer mentor does not need to have a certain amount of tenure, nor do they need to match the new employee's age or gender or other demographics.

New hire peer mentors have two responsibilities:

  1. Stop by the new employee's desk to introduce yourself on their first day of work
  2. Meet with new employee once a week for the first four weeks. You may
    • Have lunch at commons (stop by HR to pick up free meal tickets for both of you)
    • Get together at Paradox for coffee
    • Tour the mentor's department and introduce the new person around
    • Take a walk or tour around campus
    • Attend a campus event together
    • Chat at either the mentor's or mentee's desk

There is no expectation that a mentor will spend time with a new hire after hours or off campus.

If you have questions or you are interested in participating please contact HR at