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Mind Spa

Update: The Mind Spa is closed for the Spring 2022 semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Health and Counseling Center is excited to offer students a dedicated space for relaxation and wellness: the Mind Spa. In this space, you can practice yoga, enjoy a relaxing CD, melt into the massage chair, and truly unwind, undisturbed. Located on the Health and Counseling Center's lower level, the Mind Spa is available to students during HCC hours of operation. Sign up by calling 503-777-7281 to schedule an appointment.

All students must go through a brief orientation to the Mind Spa before their first solo session. This may be in a group orientation (schedule TBD; call the HCC for more info) or in an individual session. When you call or email to schedule your first Mind Spa experience, we will assist you in arranging your orientation.

The Mind Spa offers numerous opportunities to relax, unwind, and learn new tools to manage stress. Come and nurture your mind, body and spirit!

Massage Chair

Our Elite Optima massage chair provides dozens of massage options. From deep tissue massage complete with heated back and seat to calf and foot massage to a much more gentle touch, this chair gives amazing muscle release! It can adjust to any height and also has the ability to map out a massage specific to your body and acupressure points.