Health and Counseling Services

Division of Student Life

Student Wellness at Reed

What is "Wellness" at Reed College?

Reed includes in its vision and mission of health services a broad understanding of student "wellness," which includes attending to mind, body, and spirit.  Not only do healthy students function better academically, they thrive as members of our campus community and world at large.

The Health and Counseling Center has a number of resources that help students cultivate balance while at Reed.  

Community Wellness Program 

Community Wellness collaborates across departments with staff, faculty and students to offer outreach activities and promote resources aimed to enhance student wellness and foster a culture of wellbeing at Reed.  Program offerings focus on topics such as stress management, mental health, physical activity, and harm reduction.

Two groups of student staff are responsible for disseminating program messages and coordinating Community Wellness activities: Reed’s Peer Health Advocates, who serve as peer role models and support liaisons for Community Wellness; and the Night Owls, whose role revolves around harm reduction during social events.

Look for many wellness-related offerings throughout the year!