Graduation Checklist

Spring 2019

For graduating seniors: review the following checklist as you prepare for the end of the academic year.

Offices and departments across the campus want seniors to have a clear understanding of the steps needed to graduate. Should you have any questions along the way, contact information for the relevant offices is available below the list.

This information is also available as a Google calendar.

For Seniors, Spring 2019

Date Task
April 15 Order cap and gown by giving measurements to CEP (check your email).
May 3 before 3 p.m. Thesis drafts to Registrar, copies to orals board.
May 6 Prepare for oral exam. Orals week begins.
May 6 Contact Matt Pearson about the pronunciation of your name for Commencement ceremony.
May 15 Return all library books.
May 17 before noon Bring two signed and bound copies of thesis to the library.
May 17 before 4 p.m. Pay all financial obligations to the college at the cashier’s window (including printing charges for thesis) and pay any outstanding balance on bookstore account at the bookstore’s front counter.
May 17 before 5 p.m. Clean thesis desk and/or library locker.
May 17 Complete Perkins Loan exit counseling AND Reed loan exit counseling (if applicable). Contact the Business Office if you have questions.
May 18 at 2 p.m. Attend mandatory Commencement rehearsal in the SU.
May 18 before 5 p.m. If you receive an email notice on May 17 after 5 p.m. saying that your diploma is on hold, please stop by the business office to resolve the hold. The hold may be due to unpaid financial obligations, library books outstanding, or loan counseling.
May 18 Pick up cap and gown in PAB (after mandatory Commencement rehearsal).
May 19 Submit your mail forwarding address at "Postal Mail Forwarding" in IRIS. Senior mail stops close on June 1, 2019. Forwarding will be active for one year from the entry date; if you move within the year, log in and enter a new address.
May 20 at 9:45 a.m. Attend enrobing for Commencement in the SU.
May 20 at 11 a.m. Attend Commencement.
May 21 at noon Move out of Reed housing and return key to Physical Plant.
May 21 at noon Note that the Health & Counseling Center closes.
May 25 Update IRIS account with current contact information, including a phone number, email address, and mailing address.
June Start transitioning your Reed Google and AFS documents to a personal account. Your Reed accounts will close in August.
June 6–10 Return to campus for Reunions ’19.
August 12 Your Reed account will be transitioned to alumni status on this day—no more Reed email! Back up any documents and emails from your Reed Google Account and AFS homeserver before your account is transitioned. Contact CUS for assistance.
August 14 Determine personal health insurance needs. Reed health insurance ends on August 14 (if applicable).

Contact information

Alumni Programs

for questions about transition from student to alumni status


Business Office

for paying financial obligations, including printing charges and library fees. Also the contact for the Perkins and Reed loan exit counseling.


Center for Life Beyond Reed

for career advising and job search

Charles Daniel

Computer User Services

for thesis formatting and Reed Google Account migration


Conference & Events Planning

for commencement schedule, logistics, cap and gown, and visitor info


Financial Aid

for loan exit counseling



for thesis submission questions

Annie Downey

Printing Services

for thesis binding

Craig Lauder

Registrar's Office

for thesis submission and graduation requirements

Senior Handbook (PDF)503/777-7793

Residence Life

for on-campus housing and move out