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About this Website

The photographs on this web site attempt to provide more comprehensive visual documentation of the architecture of the Getty Center than available in any other print or web publication.

This 2nd edition includes most of the photographs from the 1st edition (posted just before the Dec. 1997 opening of the Getty Center) plus photographs taken 1998 to June 2000. All photographs are dated.

This 2nd enlarged edition provides an introductory image survey and 600 images linked from a map of the entire Getty Center. Images are also linked from categories such as distant views, travertine, signage, fountains, and design axes.

Captions provide information often not available in other publications. An extensive annotated bibliography is included to assist students, architects, and others interested in exploring other publications dealing with this much discussed architectural complex.

To see the grandeur, spaciousness, harmony of forms, precision and subtlety of this architecture, find a large monitor and adjust the setting for high resolution.

Charles S. Rhyne
Professor Emeritus, Art History
Reed College

This web site is not affiliated with the Getty Trust.

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