Francis Henry Hill Guillemard

12 September 1852 - 23 December 1933

By Samuel Stephenson

(Edited by Douglas Fix)


Francis Guillemard was born on 12 September 1852, the fifth son of I. Guillemard of Eltham, Kent, England.(1) He studied at Caius College in Cambridge, receiving an MA and an MD, although he would never go on to practice medicine professionally.(2)

Guillemard traveled a good deal in the course of his life, going to many parts of the Old World: to Lapland in 1873, the interior of South Africa from 1877 to 1878, and to Madeira and the Canaries on several occasions. Guillemard also went to South Africa for the first Boer War in 1881.(3) After his return, he published his first notable work, a medical text entitled On the endemic haematoria of hot climates, in 1882.(4)

Soon after finishing this piece, he embarked on an extended zoological expedition aboard the yacht Marchesa from 1882 to 1884, traversing Kamschatka, visiting New Guinea and most of the chief islands of the Malay Archipelago, and passing by the east coast of Formosa in 1882 with landings near Hualien, Keelung and Tamsui. While on Formosa, he took an overland trip between Keelung and Tamsui.(5) Guillemard brought back large zoological collections from his tour and later published his second major work, The cruise of the Marchesa, in 1886.(6)

Thereafter, Guillemard continued to focus on zoology, pursuing work in Cypress in 1887, initiating the Cyprus Exploration Fund and subsequently returning to explore that island.

In 1892, Guillemard accompanied Sir Charles Evan Smith on his official mission to the court of Morocco. After returning, Guillemard spent a number of years traveling throughout the European countries, but he eventually settled down in Cambridge. There he worked as the general editor of the Cambridge University Press series of county geographies and was elected to the university's Readership in Geography (which he relinquished in 1889). He served as geographical editor of the Cambridge University Press until his retirement. Guillemard died on 23 December 1933.(7)

Selected Publications:

On the endemic haematoria of hot climates. London, 1882.

The Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka and New Guinea, with notices of Formosa, Liu-Kiu, and various islands of the Malay Archipelago. London: John Murray. 1886.

The life of Ferdinand Magellan, and the first circumnavigation of the globe, 1480-1521. London: G. Philip, 1890.

Malaysia and the Pacific archipelagoes. London: E. Stanford, 1894.

"Report on ornithological collections made during the cruise of the 'Marchesa'." Proceedings of the Scientific Meetings of the Zoological Society of London .

Honors and Memberships:

Fellow, Linnean Society; member, Council Royal Geographical Society; member, Hayluyt Society; Honorable Member, Pembroke College, Cambridge; Fellow, Royal Geographical Society; Fellow, Zoological Society of London.(8)


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