Linguistic tables from The Straits of Malacca, Indo-China, and China by J. Thomson, 1875. 

Short vocabularies of the dialects spoken by the aborigines of formosa

  • Table I- Pachien, Sibucoon, Tibolal, Banga, Bantanlang, Singapore Malay
  • Table II- Shekhoan, Malay
  • Table III- Tribe at Pilam, Malay
  • Table IV- Baksa Pepohoan, Malay Comparative table of the languages of Formosa, the Philippines, Singapore, New Zealand, etc.
  • Table V

Linguistic Tables from Source: Ibis, Paul. "Auf Formosa: Ethnographische Wanderungen." Globus 31 (1877): 234-35.

A few words of the languages of Formosa, and the comparison with the Tagalese will perhaps be of interest to the reader. When speaking, one must note: 1) The k at the end of a word is actually not a consonant but a harsh cut off of the preceding vowel; 2) The ë is an undefined sound between ö and ü; and 3) S and sche are often mixed up with one another. Otherwise the language is the German one.