This digital library of European and American images of Taiwan and its peoples is the product of a fruitful collaboration among students, staff, and faculty at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, USA. Fred Lifton and Michael Hanrahan, and their accomplished staff at the Faculty Multimedia Lab, Gerard Schneider, Chia-hua Yu, and Wren Thornton, were instrumental in converting digitized slides into the map and image components of the library. They also designed the architecture for this web site. Karin Whalen and her student photographers, Tom Strong, Molly Smith, Lay (Helen) Vong, Ben Murphy, Terra Wilcoxson, and David Coddington made excellent slides of the original 19th-century journal illustrations. Sally Loomis, the inter-library loan librarian at Reed College, helped us locate many obscure books and journal articles; she also convinced doubting librarians at major research universities that we would be careful with their property. Three diligent assistants, Kimber Nelson, Adrienne Ratner, and Miriam Rigby, helped me input and proofread the texts that are included in the library. Christian Buss translated the Ibis ethnography from German into English, and Amy Heneveld read the French version of Thomson's 1875 travelogue to confirm that it was not substantially different from the English text we include herein. Valuable technical advice was provided by Charles Rhyne (Art Department) and Marianne Colgrove (Computing and Information Services). Evan Jones added images and texts to the site in Summer 2000, and Amber Reed updated and added images and text to the site in the spring of 2001.

Marty Ringle (Director, CIS) provided essential funding for technical assistance and slide digitizing, while Peter Steinberger (Dean, Reed College) supported this project with two Stillman Drake Fund grants.

My good friend, Prof. Wu Micha (Taiwan University), suggested the original project to me several years ago; his own digital libraries have held me to a very high standard. Prof. John Shufelt (Tunghai University) helped me locate and reproduce several texts, maps, and images, and his constructive criticism of this pilot version of the library has been invaluable.

Finally, slide images of the Japanese-language place name map, "Dai Nihon Teikoku Taiwanto yosai chikeizu" (Taiwan Sotokufu Minseibu Shokusanka, 1899) were commissioned from the Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley. That institution has given us permission to include those images in our digital library of Formosan images.