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faculty photo imageMohammad Shirazi

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics and Statistics Department
Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

I am very much interested in both teaching and doing research in mathematics. What does research in mathematics mean? A short answer: trying to solve important unsolved problems in this field and to develop the field in its natural way. My research is in Complex Analysis (and some related topics, e.g., complex approximation theory) which can broadly be seen as a branch of mathematical analysis that studies the behaviour of complex-valued (in contrast to real-valued) functions. The study of these functions is more interesting (and naturally more complicated) if one defines them on some special surfaces (called Riemann surfaces). Complex analysis is an extensive and rich theory in mathematics and has many connections, intersections, and applications to other branches of mathematics (pure and applied) and to Theoretical Physics, and Engineering. I always enjoy teaching mathematics. Teaching and interaction with students keep me motivated and this has helped me to learn many things in my field and even more in my personal life. I received my Bachelor's (in applied mathematics) and my Master's (in pure mathematics) degrees in my native country Iran (from the Amirkabir University of Technology). Then, I moved to Canada, where I obtained my PhD degree from the University of Manitoba (2020) and subsequently had a chance to continue my studies and teaching at McGill University (2020-22). 

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