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faculty photo imagePaul Gronke

Professor of Political Science
Political Science Department
Division of History and Social Sciences

Paul Gronke (PhD Michigan, '93, MA University of Essex '84, BA Chicago '82) studies American politics, specializing in convenience and early voting, election administration, public opinion, and elections. He is the editor of the Election Law Journal, an interdisciplinary journal of election law, administration, and politics, and co-editor of PS: Political Science and Politics, one of three flagship journals of the American Political Science Association. Paul's research for the past decade has focused on the phenomenon of "early voting," modes of balloting whereby voters can cast their ballots at a place and time other than at the polling place on Election Day. In 2005, he established the Early Voting Information Center. EVIC searches for common sense, non-partisan solutions to identified problems in election administration that are backed by solid empirical evidence and tailored to the conditions of the time and jurisdiction, and that may or may not include the administration of early voting. EVIC has worked with a number of state and local governments, Secretaries of State and state election directors, federal agencies, and non-profits, mostly but not exclusively related to early voting and social scientific research on election administration.Paul lives with his family in the beautiful city of Portland, OR where he runs cycles, sits in coffee shops, gardens, and follows politics. If you're really nice to him, he may give you a cucumber.

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