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faculty photo imageDouglas L. Fix

Elizabeth C. Ducey Professor of Asian Studies
History Department
Division of History and Social Sciences

Douglas Fix (費德廉) offers a broad range of seminars on the history of China and Japan and is part of the Chinese studies faculty who teach Reed's unique multidisciplinary course on Chinese humanities (focusing on the Qin-Han and Song periods). Current seminars explore topics in the history of Qing and Japanese colonialisms, early modern maritime China, nineteenth- and twentieth-century Chinese urban history, the early development of photography in East Asia, and the complexities of social and cultural modernity in China and Japan. With the help of staff, students and colleagues around the world, Fix created and now manages a digital collection entitled Formosa: Nineteenth century images. In collaboration with LO Hsiao-teh, his first book, 看見十九世紀台灣:十四位西方旅行者的福爾摩沙故事 [Curious investigations: 19th-century American and European impressions of Taiwan], translated twenty-some texts from this website into Chinese for use by students, professors and researchers in East Asia. His most recent book, in collaboration with John Shufelt, was a critical and annotated edition of Charles William Le Gendre's Notes of travel in Formosa (1875), a travelogue, ethnography, and intelligence brief that is essential to understanding the complex diplomatic relations between the U.S., Japan, and the Qing dynasty during the 1860s and 1870s. British maritime surveying of Formosan coastal waters and nineteenth-century EuroAmerican photographic images of Taiwanese aborigines have been the focus of recent articles and papers. However, Fix is currently researching the history of the multi-national community in the southern Chinese treaty-port of Xiamen and that city's regional and global networks.

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