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faculty photo imageEnriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez

Patricia and Clifford Lunneborg Professor of Psychology
Psychology Department
Division of Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, and Linguistics

I obtained my undergraduate and masters degree at the National University of Mexico, and my Ph.D. at Brandeis University. I teach introductory and advanced courses on the study of language covering a broad range of topics including language acquisition, language production/comprehension, bilingualism, and brain-language relations. I also teach a course in neuropsychology studying higher cognitive functions focusing on empirical evidence obtained from brain-damaged individuals. In my research, I specialize in the use of two time-sensitive techniques to study the mental architecture of language processing and of cross-modal interactions; the recording of brain electrical activity (event-related potentials) and the recording of eye movements. Recent research questions studied in the lab are: the time course of access to different types of linguistic information in bilinguals, audiovisual interactions in the context of speech, brain signatures of speech recognition, the automaticity of word processing, cross-modal interactions, synesthesia, and neural plasticity via sensory substitution mechanisms (see article). Details can be found in the SCALP lab website.

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