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faculty photo imageGabriella Amberchan

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Chemistry Department
Division of Mathematical and Natural Sciences

How we can we access important chemical transformations, while being environmentally conscious? This question has been a guiding thread throughout my chemistry journey. As an undergraduate researcher (Mills College, B.A. in chemistry and art history) I studied the effects of ionic liquids as solvents in classic organic reactions. After that first summer of research, I became hooked on finding environmentally friendly methods for chemical processes. As such, my graduate work (UC Santa Cruz, Ph.D.) focused on developing binary hydrides and binary metal catalysis, all through a green chemistry lens. As a postdoctoral researcher in a marine natural products lab (UC Santa Cruz) I was able to explore the more analytical side of chemical instrumentation. At Reed, I plan to continue my initial research question by developing new boron-based reagents and examining the synergy between multi-metal catalysis, all in effort to achieve more complex chemical bonding. I am excited to teach organic chemistry and highlight the beauty of chemical mechanisms. Outside of chemistry, I love cooking, dancing to Beyoncé, playing mah jong, watching women’s soccer, and reading.

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