(E) = on e-reserve

Thematic Organization of the Course:
    I. Psyche and the City
    II. War
    III. Sex / Gender
    *Synthesis (i.e., Mrs. Dalloway)
    IV. Empire


Week 1

Tues., Jan. 24

HENRY JAMES, What Maisie Knew (1897), introduction

Thurs., Jan. 26

What Maisie Knew, ch. 1—12

Week 2

Tues., Jan. 30

What Maisie Knew, ch. 13—end

JAMES, “Preface to What Maisie Knew

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: point of view / scenic, psychology, everyday life studies, industrial London / urbanism, mass culture

Thurs., Feb. 2

JAMES JOYCE, Dubliners (1914)
“Araby,” “Eveline,” “Counterparts”


Week 3:

Tues., Feb. 7

“Ivy Day in the Committee Room,” “Grace”

Thurs., Feb. 9

“The Dead”

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: Irish Home Rule, Catholicism, nationalism, class

Week 4

Tues., Feb. 14

JEAN RHYS, After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie (1929), Parts I

Thurs., Feb. 16

After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie, Parts II—end

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: alienation, the New Woman, gender, exile


Week 5

Tues., Feb. 21

FORD MADOX FORD, The Good Soldier (1915), Parts I—III

Thurs., Feb. 23

The Good Soldier, Parts IV—end

FORD, “On Impressionism” (E)

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: Catholicism, psychoanalysis, Tories, sexology, Edwardian / Georgian, Impressionism, Continental fiction, impersonality

*short written assignment due by Friday, February 24 at 5:00 pm

Week 6

Tues., Feb. 28

REBECCA WEST, The Return of the Soldier (1918), Parts I—III

Thurs., Mar. 2

The Return of the Soldier, Parts IV—end

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: World War I, war neuroses / trauma, gender, psychoanalysis, childhood

Week 7

Tues., Mar. 7

GRAHAM GREENE, The Ministry of Fear (1943), Books I—II

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: World War II, genre fiction, theories of modernity, fascism, mass culture, technology, Catholicism

*MIDTERM PAPER due by Wednesday, March 8 at 5:00 pm

Thurs., Mar. 9

The Ministry of Fear, Books III—end

Week 8



Week 9

Tues., Mar. 21

REBECCA WEST, “Indissoluble Matrimony” (1914) (E)

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: gender, race, the New Woman, feminism, socialism (Fabians), sexology, degeneration, psychoanalysis, avant-garde

*screening of The Third Man (1949) (direction: Carol Reed; screenplay: Graham Greene): date and time to be announced

Thurs., Mar. 23

D. H. LAWRENCE, The Fox (1920), read entire text

Week 9

Tues., Mar. 28

The Fox (continue discussion)

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: anti-Victorianism, gender, class,
high / low modernism, homosexuality, World War I, psychoanalysis

*SYNTHESIS (of themes I—IV)

Thurs., Mar. 30

VIRGINIA WOOLF, Mrs. Dalloway (1925), pp. 3—100

WOOLF, “Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown” (1924) (E)

Week 10

Tues., Apr. 4

Mrs. Dalloway, pp. 101—end

Thurs., Apr. 6

Mrs. Dalloway (continue discussion)

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: Bloomsbury, feminism, stream of consciousness, Edwardian / Georgian, theories of modernism, British Empire, war neuroses / trauma, epiphany, everyday life studies, Tories, Post-Impressionism


Week 11

Tues., Apr. 11

E. M. FORSTER, A Passage to India (1924), “Mosque”

Thurs., Apr. 13

A Passage to India, “Caves”

Week 12

Tues., Apr. 18

A Passage to India, “Temple”

FORSTER, from Aspects of the Novel (1927) (E)

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: British Empire, liberal humanism,
anti-colonial movements, religion / spirituality, Bloomsbury

Thurs., Apr. 20

JOSEPH CONRAD, Lord Jim (1901), ch. 1—14

Week 13

Tues., Apr. 25

Lord Jim, ch. 15—23

Thurs., Apr. 27

Lord Jim, ch. 24—end

RELEVANT CONTEXTS: British Empire, genre fiction, Impressionism, Darwinism, degeneration, theories of modernity, psychology, exile, impersonality, Continental fiction

*FINAL PAPER due by Tuesday, May 9 at 12:00 noon