Short Written Assignment

assignment length: 2 pages, double-spaced (regular 12-point font)

due date / time: Friday, February 24 by 5:00 pm

paper submission: to Mike’s mailbox (3rd floor of Eliot), outside Mike’s office (Vollum 317), or to Mike in conference.

You are asked to demonstrate how form shapes content or determines meaning in one (1) text: James’s What Maisie Knew, Joyce’s Dubliners, or Rhys’s After Leaving Mr. Mackenzie. (If you choose Joyce, write on only one [1] assigned story from Dubliners.) “Form” can refer to any aspect of style or to the way the author constructs the material of the narrative. Choose a relatively small part of the text to focus on: a passage (even a single paragraph), an excerpt of dialogue, or some combination of description and dialogue.