Environmental Health and Safety

Defibrillator/AED Program

EHS oversees all AED/Defibrillators on campus.  All AEDs are assessed on a weekly basis to verify functionality. 

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program

Defibrillator Demonstration

Locations of Defibrillators on Campus





CSO Vehicle - 1 X
CSO Vehicle - 2 X
Aspen Outside of MPR X
28 West Front counter by dispatch X
Biology Lower Level 1, west wall between B17 and B19 X
Chemistry 3rd floor, north wall between C310 and C311 X
Eliot Hall 3rd floor, on wall beneath chair rail molding, between cashier’s office and center door to business office X
ETC Inside main entrance, wall adjacent to north stairway X
Greenwood Inside main entrance, left-hand side, adjacent to stairway. X
Grey Campus Center West wall inside main entrance X
Greywood Inside front entrance, down the hallway on the left, on the north wall in the kitchen X
Health Center South side of building, on cart inside storage closet, 215 X
Kaul Auditorium North wall west of warming kitchen Au187 X
Library North wall at end of wheel chair ramp; inside main entrance X
Parker House Inside side entrance, wall just west of kitchen, same wall as annunciator panel X
Performing Arts Bldg. 2nd floor, Stairway 2, southeast corner of building X
Physical Plant 2nd floor, at the end of the main hall of the shop level X
Psychology North wall between P102 and P103 X
Sports Center West wall south of cage X
Studio Arts Lower level, next to Sculpture Studio, next to fire extinguisher X
Theater Inside main entrance, left-hand side, adjacent to stairway X
Vollum Inside main entrance; 2nd floor, wall adjacent to stairway X