Economics 354

Country Team Assignments

The person designated by an asterisk (*) is responsible for arranging an initial meeting of the team. At this initial meeting, each team should decide on an organizational structure going forward and begin to allocate specialized topics for research.

Germany (Wed, 4/25, 12:00)

Aidan Anders
Miles Cohen
Jacob Cutshall*
Viela Guay
Evan Pugh

China (Mon, 4/23, 12:00)

Jamil Ditter
Tanmay Dubey
Aditya Hariharan*
Gabriel Yeung
Alex Zhang

United Kingdom (Mon, 4/23, 12:25)

Josh Dey
Dylan Russell
Ian Wahbe*
Jiahui Wei

Japan (Wed, 4/25, 12:25)

Alyse Cronk
Uma Ilavarasan
Ryan Keithahn
Ella Mead
Oona Palmer*