Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Reed

Where We Stand

Over the past decade, Reed has taken significant steps toward becoming a more diverse and inclusive community. In 2009, Reed ratified a diversity statement. In 2011, the college established the Office for Institutional Diversity. Reed experienced a watershed moment during the 2016–17 academic year when, galvanized by a nationwide movement for social justice, Reed students pushed for changes in the college’s priorities, policies, curriculum, and commitment to equity.

Reed’s anti-racism statement, passed by the Student Senate and faculty in 2017 and endorsed by the Board of Trustees, affirms the need to continually examine our policies, recognizing that “the effects of racism are caused not only by the isolated actions of individuals, but also by the policies and practices of institutions.”

Spring 2022 served as a reminder that continued reexamination and evolution must remain centrally focused in all that we do. As we continue to make advancements toward our goal of creating an inclusive living, learning, and working environment, we want to share with you some highlights of the concrete actions we are taking toward fulfilling our commitments.

Actions Taken

Community Conversations

Action(s) taken:

Held a series of small group conversations and listening sessions in fall 2022 with identity-based groups of students, faculty, and staff.

Education & Professional Development

Action(s) taken:

Launched unconscious-bias training modules for all new employees in summer 2022.

Support for MRC, SEEDS & ISS

Action(s) taken:

Allocated $28,000 to support the programming of the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC), Students for Education, Equity, and Direct Service (SEEDS), and International Student Services (ISS).

  • 48.2% for MRC student wages
  • 30.4% for SEEDS student wages
  • 21.4% for student liaisons to Reed’s affinity groups
  • Hired an ISS adviser

Expand Staff Affinity Groups

Action(s) taken:

Met with faculty and staff affinity groups and established three new affinity groups in 2022, bringing the total number of affinity groups to six.

  • Latiné/a/o/x staff, est. 2022
  • Indigenous staff, est. 2022
  • Multiracial staff, est. 2022

Streamline & Improve the Bias Reporting System

Action(s) taken:

Partnered with Symplicity Advocate to implement coordination processes between Title IX, Student Conduct, Bias, and Reed’s CARE Team to streamline and improve the bias reporting system. Anticipated launch date is spring 2023.

Committees on Diversity

Action(s) taken:

Met with joint Committees on Diversity and President Bilger in fall 2022.

President's Staff Commitment to Lead with Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-racism

Action(s) taken:

Submitted working drafts of the 2022–23 diversity, equity, and inclusion plans to President Bilger from the president's staff.

We recognize that transforming our college is collective work. In the months ahead as these plans take shape and we continue to take steps and make progress, there will be opportunities for input and feedback. In the spirit of openness and accountability, this website will provide a space for community members to view updates to the plans and to see how the work is advancing.

President Audrey Bilger and the President's Staff:

Phyllis Esposito, Vice President & Dean for Institutional Diversity
Karnell McConnell-Black, Vice President for Student Life
Kathy Oleson, Dean of the Faculty & Professor of Psychology
Hugh Porter, Vice President for College Relations & Planning
Milyon Trulove, Vice President & Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Lynn Valenter, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer