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Reedies who have documented disabilities can receive a variety of academic accommodations to ensure they have equal access to Reed's educational program. One such accommodation is "note taking services," wherein Disability Support Services (DSS) enlists the services of a fellow student who is enrolled in the course to attend class and take notes. The notes are then shared with students who require note taking services in that course. Interested in being a note taker? Read on!

What do note takers do? 

In a nutshell, note takers... 

  • Attend class regularly and take notes that are legible, organized, and detailed
  • Scan notes and upload them to the DSS portal within 24 hours of each class session
  • Secure a substitute note taker (ie, a fellow student who is enrolled in the course) if unable to attend a class session

How do I apply to be a note taker?

It's easy, and only takes a few minutes! Sign up once to be in our note taker pool, and you will remain in our system for the rest of your time as a Reed student.

  1. Using your Reed username and password, visit our Notetaker Application page on the DSS Portal.

  2. Read the Notetaker expectations. If you think you would be a good fit, proceed! You will be asked to provide basic contact information and sign the Notetaker Contract.

  3. Log back in to your DSS Portal account and click the 'Notetaker' tab.

  4. Under 'Request a Notetaking Assignment' enter the CRNs (course registration numbers) for your courses in which you would feel comfortable being a Notetaker.

  5. If selected as a Notetaker for one of your courses, you will receive an email notification from DSS. The email will contain instructions for uploading your notes. That’s it!

How much are note takers paid? 

Note takers receive a $150 stipend per semester for each course in which they take notes. Some courses require uploading notes for the lecture only; others may also require uploading notes for a lab lecture or conference component as well. Stipends are pro-rated in accordance with the number of weeks for which notes are provided.

Contact Disability Support Services


Phone: 503/517-7921
Fax: 503/517-5532
Office: Dorothy Johansen House

Theresa Lowrie
Dorothy Johansen House

Jess Gibson
Assistant Director
Dorothy Johansen House