Disability Support Services

Division of Student Services

Accessibility Committee

Accessibility and inclusivity for the Reed community (students, staff, faculty, and visitors) is a campus-wide commitment. The goals of the Accessibility Committee are to raise the visibility of disability-related issues on campus and to explore opportunities to improve accessibility through education, research and information sharing.

Committee Members

Committee members serve as liaisons between their offices/departments and Disability Support Services. If you have a question about accessibility or an idea to make campus more inclusive and accessible, please contact a committee member from the relevant area. Members include:

2017-18 Staff:
Theresa Lowrie (chair), Director of Disability Support Services
Laura Buchholz, Digital Projects Librarian
Jessika Chi, Program Manager for Institutional Diversity
Jess Gibson, Assistant Director of Disability Support Services
Gary Granger, Director of Community Safety
Julie Maxfield, Associate Dean of Students
Jason Parker, Associate Director of Web Support Services
Pepita Payne, Clinical Coordinator/Training Director in Health & Counseling
April Sams, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Amy Luke, Associate to the Dean of Admission
Sarah Sharp, Technical Administrative Support for Registrar’s Office
Leslie White, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Clea Taylor, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations
Steve Yeadon, Assistant Director of Facilities Operations

2017-18 Students:
LJ Matthews ‘19
Logan Tibbetts ‘18
Leo Townsend ‘20
Student Senate Liaison: Nicholas Egan ‘19

2017-18 Faculty:
Michael Foat

Working Groups

The Accessibility Committee has three working groups, each with a designated coordinator:

  1. Student Experience: Focus on gathering information and developing recommendations around: how students navigate systems and access resources related to disability across campus; student interactions with faculty around accommodations; how to effectively disseminate info to students about disability support. Coordinator: Laura Buchholz.
  2. Faculty Experience: Focus on gathering information and developing recommendations around: accessibility of buildings and facilities in each department (especially labs); best practices and resources for faculty; faculty training opportunities. Coordinator: Jason Parker
  3. Emergency Response and Preparedness: Focus on researching policies and technology/equipment at use in other institutions; developing recommendations for helping to ensure that Reed's emergency evacuation program is accessible to staff, faculty, students, visitors, etc. Coordinator: Theresa Lowrie.

Contact Disability Support Services


Phone: 503/517-7921
Fax: 503/517-5532
Office: Dorothy Johansen House

Theresa Lowrie
Dorothy Johansen House

Jess Gibson
Assistant Director
Dorothy Johansen House