Digital Asset Management

in the Liberal Arts Curriculum

Integrating Digital Collections into the Small Collect Curriculum

A project funded by the Booth-Ferris Foundation and W. M. Keck Foundation 

Project Goals

  • Develop a centrally-managed, flexible, and sustainable collection of digital images and related materials;
  • Integrate digital materials into the curriculum;
  • Provide good in-class presentation tools and easy student and faculty access outside of class;
  • Facilitate resource sharing with other institutions ;
  • Develop methods for integrating with other content resources, like ARTstor;
  • Focus on art and humanities but develop systems and processes that can be used across the curriculum.

Funding for the project will be used for:

  • Digital Assets Librarian who will manage the system, and work closely with faculty and staff to cultivate and manage collections, and end-user access;
  • Digital Collections Assistant who will acquire and import materials, and enter descriptive metadata;
  • Hardware and software for the digital asset management system, scanning and image processing;
  • Purchasing or licensing content that is already digitized;
  • Faculty stipends and student wages for summer projects;
  • More computer projection classrooms, and more classrooms with dual projection;
  • Computer stations for student access to high-resolution images and other content.

Project Leadership

Principal Investigators

Operational Group

Grant Staff