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Interested in sitting in on a colleague's class to see how they facilitate discussion, flip the classroom, or try - and don't always succeed - to activate learning? Want to expand your repertoire, gain perspective, be inspired, or just mix things up a bit? Not quite ready to commit to a full semester of FPOF?

The FPOF Pool is made up of colleauges who have participated in one of the CTL programs involving classroom observations (the Student Teaching Consultant Program or Faculty Peer Observation and Feedback Program) and are willing to have colleagues observe their teaching on a one-off basis. The idea is not that they are any more expert in teaching than you, but that they are comfortable being observed and reflecting on it afterwards.

To participate, contact any of these faculty members to observe their teaching on a one-off basis. You may want to find someone from another discipline, or who is newer to teaching than you. Or, someone with a reputation for experimentation. Go into the selection process and the classroom with a good sense of what you're looking for. Ideally, you meet before observing to learn something about your partner's objectives for the class and again, afterwards, to reflect on what you gained from the experience. Note: the idea is not to supply them with feedback so much as to provide you, the observer, with new perspective and ideas.

Angélica Osorno, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ann T. Delehanty, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Professor of French and Humanities
Denise Hare, Dr. Lester B. Lave Professor of Economics
Gail Sherman, Professor of English and Humanities
Jaclyn Pryor, Assistant Professor of Theatre
Kara Cerveny, Professor of Biology
Kate Bredeson, Associate Professor of Theatre
Kate Duffly, Associate Professor of Theatre
Kris Cohen, Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities
Margot Minardi, Associate Professor of History and Humanities
Mary Ashburn Miller, Associate Professor of History and Humanities
Meg Scharle, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
Miriam Bowring, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Troy Cross, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities