Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies

Junior Qualifying Examination

CRES students are required to pass a junior qualifying exam, which consists of passing the qual in their home department and preparing a research proposal for the CRES committee. It is normally four to six double-spaced, typewritten pages. In the proposal, the student defines the thesis topic, discusses its significance, explains the methodology to be used in researching the topic, and presents a short bibliography of relevant secondary works and/or primary resources. The research proposal must be reviewed and signed by an advisor in the home department and by a potential additional committee member from a different department. The research proposal must also be signed by a member of the CRES committee (this is frequently the advisor or the potential additional committee member). The committee may feel that the proposal is not interdisciplinary or engaged in the comparative study of race and ethnicity, and that consequently, it might be more appropriate for a student to complete the thesis in the home department. In this case, the student will become a regular major (anthropology, dance, history, music, sociology, or theatre). Approval of the proposal by the CRES committee constitutes passing the CRES portion of the junior qualifying exam.