Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies

CRES Classics

CRES is pleased to announce CRES Classics, a series of trans-disciplinary conversations of landmark CRES creators and works led by Reed and visiting faculty.

The Spring 2019 CRES Classics schedule is:

  • Monday, Feb. 11, 12 pm–1pm, Kate Duffly and Jaclyn Pryor, Couple in a Cage, PAB 104
  • Monday, Feb. 25, 12 pm–1 pm, Radhika Natarajan and Anoop Mirpuri, Scenes of Subjection, PAB 104
  • Monday, Mar. 11, 12 pm–1 pm, Mark Burford, The Black Atlantic, PAB 104
  • Thursday, Apr. 11, 12 pm–1 pm, LaShandra Sullivan, Black Feminist Statement, Vollum 116
  • Tuesday, Apr. 16, 10:30–11.50 am, Rachel Carrico and Minh Tranh, Revelations, PAB Performance Lab

For updates on the series and reminders for these and other CRES events, join the CRES students mailing list. or the CRES faculty mailing list.