Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention & Response


COVID-19 Working Groups

Group I: Academic Planning
Kathy Oleson, Professor of Psychology & Dean of the Faculty Elect
Suzy Renn, Professor of Biology

Mark Burford, Associate Professor of Music
Elizabeth Drumm, John B. and Elizabeth Yeon Professor of Spanish & Humanities
Trina Marmarelli, Director of Instructional Technology Services
Julie Maxfield, Associate Dean, Academic Life
Kyle Ormsby, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Meg Scharle, Professor of Philosophy
Kjersten Whittington, Associate Professor of Sociology
Miles Woo ’22

Group II: Student Life
Cindy Anderson, Interim Dean of Students

Carrie Baldwin-Sayre, Associate Dean of Students for Health & Wellbeing
Ana Quintana Bernal ’23
Mary James, Dean for Institutional Diversity & A.A. Knowlton Professor of Physics
Britt Hoover, Assistant Dean, Student Support
Jon Rork, Professor of Economics
Amy Schuckman, Associate Dean for Student & Campus Life
Tieran Sweeney-Bender ’21
Matt Talavera, General Manager, Food Services
Anna Volz ’20
Kate Walford, Student Work Coordinator

Group III: College Preparedness and Response
Hugh Porter, Vice President for College Relations 

Gary Granger, Director of Community Safety
Mandy Heaton, Executive Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Chris Koski, Associate Professor of Political Science & Environmental Studies
Margot Minardi, Associate Professor of History & Humanities
Marty Ringle, Chief Information Officer
Timmie Rochon, Medical Services Director
April Sams, Director of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety
Steve Yeadon, Director of Facilities Operations

Group IV: Financial Planning
Lorraine Arvin, Vice President and Treasurer

Kris Anderson, Professor of Psychology
Jan Miezskowski, Professor of German & Humanities
Milyon Trulove, Vice President and Dean of Admission & Financial Aid
Rob Tust, Associate Treasurer and Controller
Michelle Valinitis, Director of Human Resources